Wednesday, 3 February 2016

High PR Infographics Posting Websites

Infographics also provide evergreen content. A controversial news story or survey might gain you a spike of social shares if it reaches the ”right audience” at the ”right time”, but from my experience this type of PR is a lot more hit and miss. With an infographic, you have a permanent linkable asset that retains relevancy and will get shares months after it’s published on your website.

List of High PR Infographics Posting Websites:

High PR Local Citation Listing Websites for Australia

 A citation is an online reference to your business’s name, address and phone number (NAP). Like links to your website, Google uses them when evaluating the online authority of your business. Unlike links though, citations don’t need to be linked to your business’s website in order for you to be credited for them.

A citation is any mention of your business out on the web, with or without a link. It can come in various forms:
  • Company Name, by itself. 
  • Company name & phone number. 
  • Company name, phone number, & address.
  • Company name, phone number, address, & link
  • etc.

 High PR Local Citation Listing Websites based in Australia:

High PR Product Submission Sites

Product Submission/Promotion is a service that helps you to promote your products in highly relevant product submissions websites across the Web. Your detailed product descriptions, submitted in a feed, are matched to consumer's searches in these product submissions websites.

Here i am sharing a useful High PR Product Submission Websites. Please share and leave your comments!

Sunday, 31 January 2016

High PR Press Release Websites for Canada

Press Release Submission is one of the oldest techniques of SEO that help to get good result in Search Engine Result Pages.
After so many updates and changes in algorithms of the search engine submission of the content or news in free press release sites list is still working like a push from backside to go ahead for getting traffic also.

I am sharing a Canada based High PR Press Release Sites. Please share!!!

High PR Business Profile Creation Websites for Canada

Getting back links from the high authority websites is highly valuable in the eyes of search engines and all the websites from here shared high pr profile creation sites list are very important to get quality back links by just creation of profile only and mentioning your web URL in the website section.

Today i am sharing Canadian High PR Business Profile Creation Sites. Please share your valuable comments and don't forget to share these sites. Thanks!!

High PR Article Submission Websites for UK (United Kingdom)

Article submission is a powerful internet marketing tool, in which we write articles related to our industry and then do manual submissions in quality article directories, relevant blogs and content rich websites. For which our website link will appear faster in the Search Engines because these directories are regularly crawled, also get more amount of visitors and backlinks as well which indirectly helps for ranking well in search engines.

Here is a list of UK based High PR Article Submission Sites. Please share and leave your valuable comments. THANKS!!!

High PR Press Release Websites for UK (United Kingdom)

Online press releases are a key element of your SEO strategy.  As well as boosting your search engine optimisation, online PR helps by creating awareness about your company. It will give you a lot of benefit if you are giving your user a reason to buy, use product or services, also it is a good strategy for link building.
I am sharing High PR UK based Press Release sites. Don't forget to share and leave your comments. THANKS!!!

High PR Business Profile Creation Websites for UK (United Kingdom)

You must create some High page rank and Google penguin safe Backlinks. Which can give your site more benefits.Profile Creation Sites are the best way of getting high page rank dofollow and nofollow backlinks, You know that high page rank backlinks dofollow and nofollow both are very important for right search engine optimization.

Here i am sharing a UK based business profile sites which is also useful for country based sites. So don't forget to share and leave your comments.

Do-Follow High PR PDF(Document) Submission Website List

PDF submission means promote your content as PDF can create PDF brochure for your website and promote it online. PDF submission is very important for SEO, It can be a simple text, images or company logos. The PDF should be search engine optimized for better results. PDF can be optimized the same way as HTML pages.

There are so many PDF websites available for sharing your PDF file. Search engines can read PDF same way as HTML. These sites are frequently updated and hence search engines crawl these sites more often. 

Here i am sharing a High PR PDF Submission sites. Don't forget to share and leave your comments. BIG THANKS!!!

Friday, 29 January 2016

Free High PR Video Sharing Websites

Because search engines can’t directly parse the contents of multimedia, you must take advantage of all opportunities to use your relevant search terms in every video title, description, and ALT tag or any other option you find. These diversified techniques not only help to gain more valuable back-links and improve search ranking but also help in attracting more traffic to our website.

You can also create a power point presentation and convert into video format.

I am sharing Do-Follow High PR Video Sharing Website List for SEO or promoting your business. As i always say, don't forget to share and leave your comments. Thanks!!!

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Free High PR Classified Websites for Australia

Online marketing and businesses are at the rise in the contemporary world. Everyone wants to make hay while this sun shines and many people are taking steps to learn and utilize this extremely lucrative tool. The online marketing enables you to promote and sell your product and services without investing big bucks and also allows you to do so for free. This is where the charm of free classifieds plays its role. They are next to indispensable for startups; small businesses, individuals and companies which are bidding for client requirements.

Here i am sharing a Free High PR Classified Website list specifically for Australia. Don't forget to share and leave your comments. Thanks!!

Free High PR Classified Websites List for UK (United Kingdom)

Classified is a small imposing ad placed where classified-ad websites grab the attention of the desired visitor. However, online classifieds varies from the standard advertising or normal business models ads. Furthermore, it helps you in SEO by promoting the traffic to your existing website. Classified submission increases the traffic level to your website.

A classified ad has three parts:

  • Headline
  • Details
  • Contact details
So here i am sharing free high PR classified websites list for UK. don't forget to share and leave your comments. Big Thanks!!!


High PR Blog Creation Websites List

A blog can be the most powerful web marketing tool for SEO at your disposal, but only if your ideal customers can find it.

Creating blogs for promoting your website/business is a great idea Because every blog post you write becomes another web page, and every web page is another opportunity to rank well for a specific search your ideal customer is doing right now.
Or in a month. Or in a year. Because good, evergreen content will continue to attract visitors to your blog or website for years, generating more leads for your business.

So here i am sharing a useful high PR blog creation website list. Don't forget to share and leave your comments. Thanks!!!! 

Do-Follow High PR Business(Asset) Profile Creation Websites

Business profile is a most effective task in Off-Page SEO technique, it is also important to use only Do-Follow and High PR websites. Business profiles usually gives your site great back links and also its a good source of traffic. So here i am sharing a useful and High Authority Business profile creation websites. Don't forget to share this blog and leave your comments, Thanks!!!

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Do-Follow High PR Social Bookmarking Website List

Social bookmarking is a important in Search Engine Optimization. It is also important to use High PR(Page Rank) website to promote your website. Here you can find High PR websites. Also please share your opinions in comments - Enjoy!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Some Basic Info That Can Help You In SEO

Here you can find some useful information about SEO -

SMM=social media marketing
SMO=search media optimization
SEM=search engine marketing
CPC=cost per click
PPC=pay per click
CTR=cost through
FQDN=fully qualified domain name
FTP= file transfer protocol
CAPTHA=completely automated public turning test to tell computers and human apart
HTTP=hyper tool transfer protocol
WWW=world wide web
URL=universal resource locater
SErP=search engine result page

Names of search engine"s crowler name-
Google--google bot
msn--msn bot
bing--bing bot
informenter=mozila add on for auto fill
PAGE RANK=to know the rank of page in india(firfox tool)
ALEXA RANK=to know the rank of page in worldwide(firfox tool)
SPDER SIMULATER  =to know the which content crowler read(online tool)
SHW IP TOOL =chechk ip adress of the website(show ip adress toolbar (mozila tool))
RaNK CHECER=to know the position of website in search result-from
SEMOZE DOMAIN  AUTHORITY TOOL(mozbar- out of 100)---to check the website rank given by google (or any search engine)
DOMAIN AGE CHECKER--domain age checker(google search)(website check the age of domain or website
Google keyword tool( create keyword sugest by website to check competition and traffic (competition should be low and traffic should be high) create blogger
for blog template (or blogger template google search)

measureit tool firfox(Google search)-to know the exact size of any image or slideshow
firebug tool(firfox tool)--for copy html code of any logo ,slideshow etc.
meta tag ,meta description--(source of website-ctrl+u) genrate meta tag copy the html code after genrate and impliment into html down of head or up on body and  the html code with /

for contact us form for blog --contact us form (google search) copy html code and paste into hmtl coding
stat counter-for moniter the traffic (view coding in index in website)(for open c panel of website adress/cpanel or port number) (for stat couter review in website -file manger-see title and description)--www.stat (for stat counter)--to know the traffic of website(like how many clicks,new visiter,returning visiter) check the health of website
robo.txt--for hide your page or website from the crowler

Off page--first we have to check meta tag, meta description (
then we have to check health of website (www.seositecheckup)
Search engine submission--direct hit--
5 weekly submission in search engine submission (from website and or free search engine submission google search) for submit 500 search engine =check content of description (duplicate or not)
WWW.COPYSCAPE.COM=for  for check content(if duplicate)
Daily submission
directory submission  (daily 5 submission)
--free instant approvel directory submission site list (google search)
--do follow directory submission list  (google search)
check the domain authority (DA) of the directory website (minimum 25 out of 100) and page rank (PR) (minimum 4)
select the SERVICE or BUSINESS category (if directory category not found)

bookmarking   (daily 5)
social book marking (DA should be more then 35 and page rank 3 to 4 (higher))
first register your account from the website --submit a new story--fill the form --save--discuss(copy url for client report)
 *auto fill form (firfox addon)
fill directory and book marking form in single click
to fill in all tabs( 1.advance-triger onchange events after filling out fields(make a tick 2.interface-keyboard shortcut-fill out forms on all tabs(fill short key))

Web master tool (google search) for verify your website..
copy html code from website and paste in index of website or into html down of head or up on body in blog
fetch-crowl-fetch as google
ping my website=for ping website ( 1 or two times in a week
google places (google search)or place for business (for site)
sign in and register for pin(submit your address for pin)

site map (google search) copy html code and paste in index of website or html for blog

                         (back link checker) google search
(OBD stands for outbound links,other back links)
backlink :(website name) ==google search to open direct back links(for client report and other info(open site and fill website then copy link address for client report))

classified  submission (google search)
15 to 20  classified submission in a day
post a simple add with new article (new article)
to impliment a website link in description write down anchor text--  <a hrcf=" url" > word for website link</a>
copy link after post a add for client report
Blog commenting --daily atleast 10 comments with anchor text (<a hrcf="input url ">word which you want to impliment your website</a> 

Article submission= google search for article  submission) 3 article per day .... (for knw exact words)

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Link building

link building is a base of describes action point to the inbound link or incoming link to website or webpage. Suppose When crawler visit a website A and your website is have given your link to website A then crawler will automatically visit B. link building is also known as the popularity of website. if you have good quality of inbound links your website will be more popular in the eyes of search engines. Avoid low quality of backlinks or link from spammed are some tips about link building strategies—

-Use reciprocal links from directory websites. Reciprocal link is a link between two objects.
-Resourse link is a category of of links which is two way links and referred as resource and information.
-Forum posting submissions with high PR and Dofollow websites.
-Blog commenting search for blog commenting websites and and leave a comment with your website link (use anchor text if needed) with high PR and keep in mind the blog category should be match with your website category .if your website is about computer product then search for computer product blogs.
-Directory submissions with high PR and do follow website
-Bookmarking submissions with high PR and do follow website